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party vom 2006-12-23

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DMT DancemusicTribe presents:


72 Hours



music: fullon und progi | location: indoor





Audiotec (Utopia rec.)
Stereomatic (Utopia rec.)
Electro Sun (Trancelucent)
System Nippel (Trancelucent)
Ace Ventura (Iboga)
Orgon Flow (Woodroom)
Freakulizer (Alchemy)
Goe (Psychedelic Sytem)
Sensual Squeak (Beatslave)
Digital Sun (DMT)
Maua (Didga) Chillout Act
Synaptic Juice (Niemandsland)
Goma (Nandan)
Dynasound Marble (Former Atropine)
Simply D (Simlpy Prod.)
Spectral Paradisys (Frakasound) Chillout Act

Jackomo (Sounds of Earth)
Müstik (indEX/SST/Antiworld/Starlight)
Fidimohnius (Kokopelli/indEX rec.)
5th Element (Laby/Aphonix)
Tassili (DMT)
Naus & Mel (Aphonix)
Cassiopeya (DMT)
Karmalaa (Psychedelic System)
Urban Tribe (DMT)
Bug (Klangwerk)
Markus (DMT)
INFX (Aphonix)
Freaxx (Das Labor)
Q.E.D (Turobotrance)
Alexsoph (DE)
Pinky & Brain
M!guz (IndEX)


deko and visuals:


Deco by Galaxy
Laser by X-Stream
Visual by Chris (DMT)


Location: Glasshouse


Schaffhauserstr. 111
8180 Bülach (2 min. from Trainstation)




| website | tassili2002@msn.com

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