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party vom 2007-07-07

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psytopia presents:


temple of boom



music: fullon und progi | location: outdoor





Bit Pulse (Headroom Productions) (DE)
Delysid (Noise Conspiracy Records) (ESP/MEX)
Ianuaria (Hardboiled Records / Klangbewusstsein) (AT)
Goe (Psychodelic System Records) (CH) presents his new album "Jupiter Beach"
Manju (Klangbewusstsein) (AT)
Soth (VISU Records / Music for Kobolds) (AT)

Chuha (Rudraksh Records) (DE)
Delysid (Noise Conspiracy) (ESP/MEX)
Fugly (YesMen / Music for Kobolds) (AUS)
Fohat (Amaris Records) (DE)
DJane Gaby (Ajuca Records) (SLO)
Krisae (Headroom Productions / Pixan E.T Records) (DE)
P_Mac (Ketuh Records) (PT)
RAX (Spontaneous Aerobics) (DE)
Shamane (Headroom Productions) (DE)
Swabedoodah (Spontaneous Aerobics / Polyeidos) (DE)

8zack (Final Fantasy) (AT)
Astrolar (Druidencircus) (AT)
Crystalizer (Free Day Tribe) (AT)
Gaukler (Music for Kobolds) (AT)
Energizer (Music for Kobolds) (AT)
Malawi (Malawi Project) (AT)
Magenius (Final Fantasy) (AT)
Mythzo (Independent) (AT)
Para Muscaria (Free Day Tribe) (AT)
Psycobold (Music for Kobolds) (AT)
RuckZuck (L.C.D) (AT)
Satyros (Independent) (AT)
Sinjah (Music for Kobolds) (AT)
Sonne (Music for Kobolds) (AT)
Stephuno (Music for Kobolds) (AT)
Teroknoar (Music for Kobolds) (AT)
Wolle (Music for Kobolds) (AT)


deko and visuals:



Location: Castle Waldenfels


Castle Waldenfels




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